What’s the Best Dessert, and Why is it Pie?

With the holidays in full swing, there’s naturally going to be some feasting and fine dining. The next question is what’s best to have at the conclusion of a holiday feast. Whether you’re having a holiday roast with all the trimmings or you’re ordering out from a location such as Bogey’s Sports Pub, the answer is simple—dessert. Now, some might enjoy something small like an after-dinner mint or a scoop of ice cream or two, but we all know that there’s no better choice for a holiday dessert than a slice of pie. (Or several.) Come and join us as we explain why this is. 

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Fulfilling Portion of Fruit 

While many of us would like to think of ourselves as healthy eaters, the truth is we just don’t always have the time to get a healthy dose of fruits and veggies. The regular consumption of fruit is a very important part of a healthy diet. Pie is a wonderful way not just to get some fresh fruit in your diet but also a decent amount of carbs thanks to a fulfilling crust baked to perfection. 

Upholding Tradition 

The trends that dominate the food industry come and go on an almost yearly basis. So much so that inviting guests over often means having to obtain prior knowledge of their dietary preferences. Whether someone’s practicing keto, Atkins, or abstaining from meat, the one-holiday tradition that anyone can easily embrace is a warm slice of pie. 

A Great Choice for Breakfast 

If there’s another tradition that follows the holidays and their many feasts and gatherings, it’s the abundance of leftovers that get left behind. If you and your guests don’t devour the pies and there’s some leftover, they make an excellent companion with your morning coffee and are much better than pancakes. 

Flex Your Creative Muscle 

Whenever you’ve gone to the bakery section of the grocery store, you’ve more than likely noticed the abundance of cakes and pies on display. The bakers behind these tasty offerings get to explore their creativity with their confections. For the next holiday gathering, be bold and daring with the piece you serve up. From different fillings to immaculately carved crusts, there’s no limit to what you can do with some choice of ingredients. 

Bogey’s Sports Pub 

If you’re looking to knock back a few cold ones or just enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and our hospitality, Bogey’s offers up everything you could ever ask for to thoroughly enjoy the holiday season. For a menu, ordering, and hours of operation, visit us at bogeys.tv.

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