What DOES make the perfect pizza?

Discussing food from an individual perspective is somewhat akin to the discussion of art. Much like the works of Francisco Goya that hang in the Prado art museum, beauty and taste ultimately become subjective varying upon an individual’s point of view. Still, the need to be existential always provides discourse, and today we tackle the rather delicious topic of what makes the perfect pizza.

Less is More
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While the act of decking out a pizza with a variety of toppings is certainly one that’s a time-honored tradition, pizza professors insist that limiting the toppings is what separates the good pizzas from the great ones. Too much of anything can be bad, two to three core toppings accentuate the cheese, sauce, and crust, and don’t overpower the taste buds with too much sensation. The same can be said for adding too much red pepper on a slice, you want to make the flavors stand out—not overpower them.

Balancing the Delicate Combination of Acids and Texture

While it’s best to limit your ingredients on a pizza, it’s also important to remember that certain combinations work better than others. Take for example sausage and onion. The sausage, always makes for a good protein in and on several food items. Onions accentuate the flavor with a kick that’s instantly noticeable, but also help the sausage stand out on its own. Besides, who doesn’t love the sight of sausage patties diced up among a sea of cheese?

Balancing the Sweet and the Savory

Sausage and onion are among the most popular combinations found on a pie. Opposites attract, and when it comes to getting the perfect combination of toppings, much of it comes down to a balancing act. Sweet and savory are the perfect example. While this debate has caused more than its share of contention among eaters, let’s take the divisive topic of pineapple on pizza under consideration. Pairing the sweet pineapple with a protein such as Canadian bacon make a sweet and savory pizza that will please some of the people.

Color Schemes—Pizza as an Art Form

Any artisan who treats their craft with the utmost importance will tell you that a major part of the process is the presentation. A pizza with well-placed toppings and colors that contrast with and accentuate one another always look good. There’s a reason why all these years later we associate cheese and pepperoni as the most common image related to Pizza.

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