Trivia Night Thursdays at Bogey’s

Here at Bogey’s, we take a great amount of pride in providing our patrons with more. But just what does this entail? Well, if you’ve ever visited our location, then there are a few things you already know and are well aware of. First off, you know that the food and drinks we serve are of the highest quality. Second, you know that we provide an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming, and third, you certainly know that Bogey’s is the perfect place to enjoy the competition that exists in professional sports. And now, we’re combining all three of these aspects together for Trivia Nights on Thursdays!

Friendly competition and Cognitive improvement…What’s not to Love? 

Trivia is one of the few games that’s beloved by just about everyone. The rush of excitement, the fast-paced energy, and those hectic moments where you scavenge through the recesses of your conscious mind for an answer to a question that you might not hear in everyday conversation. it’s a fun game that can make any event more lively. And, as we’ll soon find out, it can have more benefits than you might have realized.

Benefits of Playing Trivia 

Trivia is always fun, sometimes challenging, and beneficial for the human mind. But don’t take our word for it…

Trivia Games Can Help Improve Your Memory. 

This one goes without saying. But, in the spirit of competition, our minds tend to react quicker when the pressure is on. People who play trivia games on a regular basis have a better chance of improving their cognitive focus as they grow older. 

Trivia Games Can Help Improve Your Mental Health 

Psychologists have long attested to the importance of social interaction to improve mood and alleviate depression and anxiety. Trivia is a great way to accomplish this task and have fun at the same time. Games with friends are a great way to sharpen your mental acumen and give your brain a much-needed serotonin boost, thanks to the environment of competition in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Trivia Games Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

On any given day, we have to put our minds to work to solve issues at home and the workplace in an effective way. Trivia helps those parts of your mind grow stronger and allows you to undertake more complex situations with more ease. 

Come and Join us on Thursdays! 

Bogey’s is always a blast–and we can’t wait to see you when you bring your A-game to our trivia nights. For an upcoming schedule and menu on all of our food, drinks, and more, drop us a line at