The Right Way to Eat Ribs at Bogey’s

Yes, that’s right. The title of this article isn’t a misleading one. Here at Bogey’s, we take immense pride in the meals and drinks we serve our patrons. And you might feel tempted to come in for some ribs, especially now that the spring and summer seasons have arrived. But before you start dousing them with barbecue sauce and chowing down, there are some basic manners that we believe you should know about. 

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Wear Appropriate Attire 

No matter how many precautions you take during any meal, you’re bound to leave a little bit of it on your clothes, which is why many people have utilized bibs in the past. Before you take a trip to any place serving ribs, it’s best advised that you wear clothes that you don’t mind having a mess on or can easily be cleaned. So, that silk necktie is best left at home. 

Use a Knife and Fork 

Ok, we understand that you’ve been to quite a few barbecues in your day, and there are somewhere eating with your hands is not only acceptable behavior but it’s actually encouraged. However, some decorum is necessary when dining out in a public setting. While you might not be able to avoid getting that sauce stain on your pants, eating with a knife and fork and not inhaling your food is what you should do. After all, it’s good manners to be mindful of the other patrons in the restaurant who might not have the same enthusiasm for ribs that you do. 

Keep Napkins and Wet Naps Handy 

Ok, we all know that sauce is bound to make an appearance on any occasion that involves ribs. And there’s a strong possibility that some sauce will make another appearance on the corner of your mouth or somewhere on your face. Keep a napkin on your lap and some wet naps within reach. Keep the food in your mouth and not on your face. It’s really that simple. 


Whether you’re planning on coming in for some ribs, a few drinks, or to catch the big game, we’re always happy to see you. At Bogey’s, you’ll find the best food, a welcoming atmosphere, and memories that you’ll always hold dear. For a menu, hours of operation, and a lot more, visit us at