The Best Menu Items for the Start of the 2022 Basketball Season

For some people, October 18th might not have much significance. They’ll view that day as just one of many in the same month that celebrate Halloween. You’re not one of these people. You most likely have the day circled on your calendar, and you’ve been waiting for this moment all year long. The kickoff of the 2022-2023 NBA season is finally here! Game day is one of the most coveted traditions for millions of Americans, and celebrating each contest is always exhilarating. Of course, one of the most essential components of game day is the food that’s served. Which is the reason for which we’re gathered here today–these are the food items that make every game day special. 
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The Fab Five 

According to a survey conducted by the online ordering company, Doordash, these were the top five items that were ordered for gamely celebrations. 

French Fries – No matter what the occasion might be–whether it’s just a burger with friends or a side order to watch the opening tip-off, fries are universally accepted as one of the best dishes for gamely. If you’re a Bulls fan, you might want to dump some chili and cheese on them in hopes of a return to the glory days of the Jordan years. 

Wings – The gamely staple comes to us by way of Upstate New York. One of the most popular items at any watering hole, wings have long been one of the times most synonymous with gamely. Whether they’re fried or glazed in Buffalo sauce, they’re the perfect addition to any contest. 

Sandwiches – Grinders, subs, hogs, whatever you might call them, you can never go wrong with meats and veggies in between a roll or two slices of bread. 

Pizza – Perhaps one of the most popular items for not just game day, but every day, pizza comes prepared in a variety of ways with an endless amount of customization in the way of toppings. Thick crust or thin? The choice is yours! 

Tacos – Similar to pizza, tacos are prepared in a variety of ways and can contain ingredients such as beef, tofu, chicken, or even fish. While the taco is traditionally consumed on Tuesdays, it can be a great addition to any game day event, no matter what day the game happens to fall upon. 

Bogey’s Sports Pub

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