The Best Beer Guide for Beginners

Every journey starts somewhere. And for those who are looking to expand their cultural horizons by partaking in a few sudsy libations, it might seem difficult to know where the best place to start might be. Fear not. Even the most experienced beer aficionados were unsure of this at first. But you have an advantage. This beer guide for beginners will help you develop your pallet, and you’ll be an experienced taster before you know it. 
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Coors Light 

Coors light is the perfect beer for a social gathering such as a pool party or barbecue. Light, refreshing, and possessing a crisp taste when served at cold temperatures, it’s a wonderful beer to start out with. 


If you’re looking to begin a journey that involves experiencing imported beers rather than domestic ones, you might want to consider Corona. Many people enjoy this as their summer beverage, and like tequila, keeping a lime wedge handy will accentuate the flavor. 

Blue Moon 

Now we’re getting into the premium side of beer tasting. Blue Moon, which is brewed with Valencia oranges, is usually served with an orange slice to accentuate its citrus flavor. This is a good gateway into a more refined taste. 

Shock Top 

If you’re somewhat new to the beer game but don’t want to bother with domestic brands and want something flavorful, look no further than shock top. Based on the brewing style of a Belgian wheat beer, Shock Top provides a hoppy and citrus kick that goes down smooth and is refreshing. 

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 

There’s a good chance you’ve heard people talking about IPAs. (India Pale Ale). If you’re thinking about getting into them, Sierra Nevada is a great starting point. With flavorful hops and crisp taste, this is one of the best ways to indoctrinate yourself into the world of craft beer. 

Samuel Addams 

Brewed in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts, Samuel Addams is a refreshing craft beer that’s refreshing and enjoyable. Their Boston Lager is served all year long, but other seasonal additions come out throughout the course of a year, allowing you to experience new styles and flavors. 

Bogey’s Sports Pub 

Now that you have a wealth of knowledge about what beers you might want to try, it’s time to put your tastebuds to the test at Bogey’s Sports Pub. With a vast selection and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll enjoy your new watering hole. For more information, visit us at

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