Longneck Tuesdays

Beer Special in Venice


At Bogey’s, we pride ourselves on our unique talents for serving up the best food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While there’s never a bad reason for deciding to stop in for a beer or two, we’ve just sweetened the deal a little bit more. Introducing Longneck Tuesdays! It’s much like Taco Tuesday, except if you took the time to replace the tacos with a long-neck bottle of beer. And what’s even better, we’re offering $1 off all bottles of beer. That’s right, all of the bottles. 

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we’re offering a unique look at the health benefits that beer offers–some of which might come as a surprise to a few of you. 

Suds for your Health 

Believe it or not, beer has some healthy attributes that often get overlooked. Here are a few facts you might not have known about. 

Just as Plentiful as Wine

For many years, people have made it public knowledge that wine carries a decent amount of antioxidants. But it’s an overlooked fact that beer contains just as many. 

Beneficial for Mental Health

It’s no surprise that beer helps alleviate stress, which is why it’s so relaxing after a hard day’s work. The benefits of enjoying your favorite sudsy beverage don’t end there. Recent studies have shown that being helps maintain cognitive focus and improves memory. However, consuming more than two to three servings a night won’t amplify the results, moderation is still key. 

No Bones About It

You spent your childhood drinking milk because of its high calcium content. Now that you’re old enough to enjoy some adult beverages, you’ll be pleased to know that beer has been linked to tissue regrowth and can help prevent such bone-related ailments as osteoporosis. 

Lower Cholesterol

While too much consumption can lead to the body not being able to burn away stored fat, moderate intake of beer can eliminate LDL, also referred to as “bad cholesterol.” Studies have also shown that consumption of beer in moderation has led to better circulation of the blood. 

Enjoy Some Suds at Bogey’s

Having a toast to your health at Bogey’s is the best way to kick off the summer. We only ask that you drink responsibly and arrange transportation if necessary. For a full menu and list of upcoming events and specials, give us a visit at bogeys.tv

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