Draft Beer Tastes So Much Better on Tap and Here’s Why

Draught or draft beer is delicious. The thought of it pouring from the tap is a refreshing sound that is amplified by the first sip. Have you ever wondered what makes draft beer taste so good? We certainly have. Below are a couple of reasons why draft beer tastes significantly better than canned beer as well as where to find the best draft beer in Venice!

Motorworks Beer on Tap


Oxidation occurs when beer is exposed to air. Oxygen breaks down the hops in beer and alters its alcohol content. Oxidized beer has a distinct taste of cheap wine that is quite noticeable. The process of splitting and transferring beer into cans causes the beer to be exposed to air and oxidized. Pouring beer into kegs is fast, preventing oxidation.

In addition to the reduced exposure to air, the keg’s top is pressurized to limit exposure to air. The process of serving the beer is also very quick, limiting exposure to oxygen. Bottled beer on the other hand continues being oxidized the longer it stays on the shelf.

Exposure to light

Light breaks down the compounds in beer converting the original beer to an unpleasant tasting beer. Draft beer is contained in a keg which does not allow for light oxidation. This retains its taste and original quality for longer. Canned beer on the other hand, slowly undergoes oxidation which alters the taste and quality.


Pasteurization is the process of boiling beer to kill bacteria and germs. Beer served in cans and bottles undergoes pasteurization to improve shelf life. This process fundamentally alters taste and smell. Draft beer on the other hand is not pasteurized which means it gets to retain its original taste and flavor.

These are but some of the reasons why draft beer is quite tasty. At Bogey’s Sports Pub we provide the best unrivaled draft beer in Florida. Call us at 941-488-9156 or come dine and drink with us at 652 E Venice Avenue in Venice!