Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day at Bogey’s!

Well, here we are in the month of February. That means that 2023 is rolling right along, and it’s time to make the most of it. And because this is the time of Leo and you’re most likely in the process of making plans for Valentine’s Day, we understand that other celebrations that are occurring during the shortest month of the year might be the furthest thing from your mind. Well, the one we’re discussing today requires no planning, expensive gifts, or making reservations that require hours of waiting. And what’s more, it’s ten days after Valentine’s, and not beforehand. That’s right, on February 24th, we observe National Tortilla Chip Day, and we want you to come to Bogey’s Sports Pub to celebrate! 
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Some Crunchy Facts About Tortilla Chips 

Like many other food staples that we consume on a regular basis, we don’t always take the time to appreciate how tortilla chips came to be and why they’ve achieved immense popularity over the years. Here are some fun facts about tortilla chips that you can really sink your teeth into. 

Taste not Waste 

In the 1940s, Rebecca Webb Carranza decided to use the discarded tortillas from the automated workstation at her job. The result is a low-calorie chip that is accompanied by various toppings to craft a limitless amount of snacks. Her contributions are recognized in 1994, and she was given the “golden tortilla” award for her efforts in the food industry. 

Popularity & Recognition 

Just nine years after Carranza’s award, the State of Texas announces that it’s made the tortilla chip its’ official snack. This was followed by unmatched popularity in 2010, with the tortilla chip officially outselling hamburgers and hot dog buns as America’s favorite snack. 

Sink Your Teeth into these Treats at Bogey’s 

Now that you’ve acquired some basic knowledge about how the tortilla chip rose to prominence and popularity, it’s time to come down and celebrate with us on the 24th. But what will you sink your teeth into? Why whatever you wish! 

Our Buffalo chick dip combines the best chicken & cheese to satisfy your needs. Served alongside a sizable helping of chips, it’s the perfect treat for a cold February day. If you feel like a simple and practical meal will hit the spot, why not try our Chips N’ Salsa, made from fresh ingredients? And, for those who want to celebrate with unprecedented decadence, our Grand Slam Nachos have an incredible amount of toppings that will fill you up and never let you down. 

For more information and directions to the festivities, head on over to bogeys.tv.

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