Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day with Some Hot Wings at Bogey’s

Well, we’ve made it to another year. 2023 is here, and although the holiday season is over and life is slowly reverting to a life of relative normalcy, the celebration continues in one different form or another. And seeing that we’re in the month of January, what better time of year to celebrate this frigid and cold time of year than by heating things up? On the 22nd of this month, we celebrate National Hot Sauce day! So come in from the cold and enjoy some libations and spicy wings at Bogey’s Sports Pub
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A Brief History of Hot Sauce 

Hot sauce is one of the most popular items in the United States. It goes on almost everything and comes in a wide variety of different flavors and varieties. In order to fully appreciate this tumultuous topping, we’ve decided to take a look back at the beginnings of this delicacy, so you might want to pour yourself a glass of water before we begin. 

While spices and flavorings have existed since the inception of civilization, the advent of hot sauce coincides with a unique part of American history. In 1849, many migrated west during the gold rush to procure their fortunes. While not everyone struck it rich, Colonel Maunsell White, a banker, grew the first recorded crop of tabasco chiles. Fast forward to 1980, and hot sauce would become catapulted into mainstream popularity with the emergence of Old El Paso, who would mass market the product to a country that enjoyed a little bit of kick in their cuisine. 

It didn’t take long for hot sauce to skyrocket into the state of popularity in which it exists today. By 1992, hot sauce and salsa officially replaced ketchup as the most popular condiment offered in the United States. Since then, the popularity has only increased, with major brands such as Pace and Tobasco being the most well-known. However, several different brands have emerged, many from independent entrepreneurs who have taken spice and kicked to the absolute limit. No matter what your preference might be, we invite you to come down to Bogey’s on the 22nd and partake. 

Kick up the Spice at Bogey’s 

When it comes to spice, we’ve got you covered in a variety of ways. Because sauces and wings are one of the best combinations since peanut butter and jelly, we’ve got a number of sauces available to satisfy any palate. For those who love sauce but prefer to say on the safe side of things, we have garlic parmesan, teriyaki, chili lime, and honey BBQ. But, if you’re in the mood for adventure and need a little “pick me up” from the winter weather, mild, medium, hot, volcano, and cajun dry rub and voodoo are all there to provide you with sizzle and spice. 

Bogey’s Sports Pub 

If you’re looking to satisfy your appetite for spice, knock back a few cold ones, or just enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and our hospitality, Bogey’s offers up everything you could ever ask for. For a menu, ordering, and hours of operation, visit us at bogeys.tv.

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