Building The Perfect Burger at Bogey’s

If you’ve ever been a frequent visitor at Bogey’s Sports Pub, then you know how seriously we take our burgers. It’s hard to believe where the culinary arts would be if the concept of placing a patty of meat between two slices of bread and piling on the individual toppings had never come into existence. Building the perfect burger, like many other various art forms, is a subjective craft. And while the proper definition of the perfect burger is a matter of personal taste, we’ve decided to break down the process in which the perfect one is crafted. Ingredients may vary–but the order remains the same. 
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No Buns About it. 

It all starts here. The best burger needs the perfect bun to rest upon. Many people have their own taste for what they rest the meat, cheese, and toppings upon. The buns we choose to utilize at Bogey’s are of the finest quality and help accentuate the flavors of the various ingredients that you decide upon. And if you’re trying to eliminate carbs or simply cut down on your intake, we have your back. You have the option at Bogey’s to go for our “Lo-Carb” option. We’ll replace the bun with a juicy leaf of lettuce and our complimentary fires for a side salad.

“What’s Patty, Daddy?”

At Bogey’s, we offer two distinct options for your choice of protein. For those who are strict burger purists, we offer the following; an award-winning half-pound “birdie burger.” Assembled and pattied by hand to give that very special touch you grew up with on Sunday cookouts. And not to worry—for those abstaining from meat, we also offer the plant-based Beyond Burger. Less fat and cruelty-free, it’s the best-tasting burger you’ve had, and it’s made from plants!  

Cheese & Toppings 

This is where the fun of crafting a burger comes from. Choosing the perfect ingredients that adhere to your own individual taste is what makes a perfect burger, well…perfect. Cheese is a favorite ingredient of many, and at Bogey’s, we offer American, Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, and even bleu cheese crumbles. When was the last time you saw those offered at a drive-through? 

And for the toppings, we invite and encourage you to be as decadent as possible–go nuts. Bacon, avocado, fried egg, mushrooms, be as extravagant as you want. 

The Best Burgers are at Bogey’s 

Whether you’re taking advantage of our happy hour or are widely celebrated Burger Mondays, the best choice for either is at Bogey’s Sports Pub. For a menu, hours of operation, and much more, visit

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